Application & Selection Process

  1. Applicants first must complete an online application on our website at  You may upload your High School diploma, GED or equivalency test earned in the continental United States, and valid CA driver's license.  You may also bring the documents to your orientation.
  2. Applicants with mechanical experience such as (welding, automotive, fabrication, plumbing) are eligible for direct entry with proof of 4000 working hours.  All experienced applicants that qualify will meet with the committee for final approval.
  3. Applicants are required to register on our "Events & Registration" page for an Orientation of the Apprenticeship process, if they have not received on in the past 12 months. You must attend an orientation to be eligible to take the ASVAB test.  If you haven't submitted your High School Diploma, GED or Equivalency test and driver's license you must bring them with you to the Orientation.
  4. After completing an Orientation applicants are required to register for the ASVAB test on our "Events & Registration" page immediately. This must be completed one week before test date to be eligible to take the test.
  5. All eligible applicants will be notified by email of the test date. Test dates will be posted on our website under "Events & Registration".  Test dates are scheduled two to three time a year only.
  6. Applicants NOT registered for the  ASVAB test on the scheduled day and time will NOT be allowed to test.
  7. Tested  Applicants will be informed of their pass or fail test results by email. Copy of  ASVAB test score available upon request.
  8. All applicants passing with an AFQT Score of 70% and above will be placed on the Eligibility list by the date of their application in chronological order.
  9. There are eight sections of the ASVAB test. Your score is based on 4 of the eight sections; Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, and Mathematics Knowledge.  Extra credit points will be given to individuals who score above 80% on the Mechanical Comprehension and Automotive & Shop components of the ASVAB.
  10. Eligible applicants have the right to solicit their first job as an apprentice from an eligible employer.  If accepted by the eligible employer, that applicant will be removed from "eligible applicant" list and indentured as an apprentice.
  11. While on the Eligibility list, applicants can be called to work as a pre-apprentice (nonmandatory)
  12. Eligible applicants will be called off the list in chronological order by their date of application.
  13. Before being dispatched to a contractor, all applicants will be drug tested. A positive drug test would result in removal from the eligibility list and prohibited to reapply for one (1) year.
  14. All applicants are required to provide a DMV printout or sign a DMV authorization for the contractor. The contractor may refuse employment based upon DMV Report.
  15. Eligible applicants have two (2) years from their test date to be placed as an apprentice or they will be removed from the list and required to reapply if still interested.
  16. All newly indentured apprentices will be placed on a probationary period for one (1) year. In this first year, the contractor or JATC may terminate the apprentice agreement of the apprentice. Due to a positive drug test, absences, attitude, ETC.
  17. All newly indentured apprentices will be required to attend supplemental training. One night a week, from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm for 20 nights per semester. Sheet Metal apprenticeship consists of 5 years (10 Semesters). Apprentices must obtain a minimum score of 70% per semester and 850 Hours of on the job training
  18. Upon completing the five (5) year apprenticeship, apprentices will be advanced to Journeyperson status.